Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 18, 2017

A nice quiet Birthday celebration for Suzie today, just the way she likes it.

Where are we today ? 
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      Now today is another Happy Day! Happy Birthday Suzie ! My partner in crime travel and life. Got a couple of walkabouts this morning after a very warm night, But today is gonna be mostly overcast and not too warm . Did get up t 70f (21C) so even with no sunshine not too bad, The forecast tells us the coolest day this week.
     Nothing exciting today, just the way Suzie likes it, but so far she has had over 85 birthday wishes on Facebook.
      I whipped into Strathroy at 8 am for a few groceries,and home just after 9. Suzie had the laundry sorted and into the Arkona laundromat to get this out of the way. The machines did the work while I enjoyed my e-reader in the car. Folded the clothes and home by 11:30 to whip up lunch.
      After lunch puttered around for a bit, chat with a few more people wishing Suzie Happy Birthday, I checked tire pressures, oil and stuff on the coach before we head out in the morning. Even put our Weber Q away. Don't need it for supper tonight. Even a bit of quality reading time squeezed in there as well.
       Then shorty after 3 pm Tucker dragged Gerry over for Happy hour. Melinda and Paul joined us as well.
Tucker brought his lamb to play with
He loves to chase it , so Suzie gave it a few tosses\
almost caught it in mid air !
Tucker and Gerry the same Happy face?
3 small treats for him if he is a good boy
he was a good boy
      Here we all are wishing Suzie a happy birthday, and enjoying a cooler but not too bad of an afternoon,
      Then Vanessa , came by on her golf cart, stopped to wish Suzie Happy Birthday with Donna beside her and Greg on the back.
      Soon time for me to whip up supper. For her Birthday Suzie choose one of her favourites, Fettuccine  Alfredo with shrimp, side salad and a cheese bun with garlic from the bakery in town.
     I fried up a few shrimp with olive oil and garlic , cooke the noodles just the way she likes them while she relaxed with her e-reader.
not a bad Alfredo sauce I added extra garlic
doing what she loves to do, read
yummy? yup it was, we both enjoyed it, she even enjoyed
 a glass of white wine for her birthday too.
        Then a couple of tiny cakes I picked up for her Birthday, she did blow out all the candles too, We will snack on those later this evening.
She made a birthday wish but can't tell me what it was
The Happy Birthday Girl
      Still not too bad of a day slight drizzle but nice enough to relax outside under our awning, post this blog and enjoy some more reading time until we have to head inside.
      Thanks for taking the time to check us out and hope y'all had a decent day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?