Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, December 15, 2017

Heading further west on a wonderful travel day, then got our coach stuck!

Where are we today ?
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    Another wonderful sunny day here in the southwest, got a nice early walkabout the area after my shower) just taking in the quiet views and enjoy more cactus right here.  Chatted with our new friends Roger and Sue then home to finish securing our coach. Dump and fill our tanks at the dump station, hooked up the car and head on out about 10 am.
    Just love this area I am sure we will return.
the Why water Tower on the hill
85 north to Gila bend a nice scenic drive
        No rush today only 139 miles to go. Head north to Gila bend and west on I-8  Good roads great weather, no noticeable winds and very nice uneventful drive. Stopped at  a rest area for a stretch about 11:30 so a good time to whip up a nice light lunch. Only 40 miles to go so will be there before 12:30.
nice green fields along I-8 
          Turned off at Wellton and south to the canal and to the 14 day free BLM camping area. Turn left just before the canal. A nice wide open space and a few rigs here nicely spaced. Watch for the soft spot you may get stuck!
          And stuck we got, we tried a few things, raise the rear of the coach with our levelling jacks, but even with out blocks the ground was soft, Did get some blocks under the rear wheels but they just went deeper.
hmm, not good
      But as luck would have a couple of guys from Alberta Canada were being entertained by our antics and came over to see if they could possibly help. The had a nice 4WD truck with wide tires a heavy long chain and some boards. Boards placed behind the rear tires and he gave us a little tug and we backed right out only about 20 feet but much firmer ground.
this where we were
     Well thanks guys much appreciated they would not take any money but I will buy them a beer or a bunch. We know where they are parked. Not fun getting a 22,000 coach stuck even it was only stuck a little bit. This is only the second time, first time was back in  2007 at the Imperial sand dunes in southern California.
      Now we are on firm ground set up out coach, satellite dish and tilt the solar and a nice view of the area from the roof.
this friendly fellows are camped over there
      A set up by 2:30 up I walked over to the canal about 100 yards away just to check it out, They have been catching catfish there, warm good eating they are.
nice canal in he desert
here we are now, happy campers
even got some quality reading time done in the shade of the car
       But then soon time to begin supper and guess what we gonna enjoy some catfish fillets, one of our favorite fish. Trying out this seafood mix for the fish. Suzie wants french fries as well so I cut up a couple of potatoes, fired up our generator an plugged in the Fry Daddy.
       Made the frys first and put them on or preheated Weber Q in a foil pan to keep warm while a fried the fish. It only take a few minutes.
frying the fish and the fries nice an warm
now this sure took care of our fish and chip craving
just as supper was about ready I caught some desert sunset pictures
notice the reflsyion on our coach too?
another nice ending to a pretty decent day
except for the getting stuck part
139 miles today a nice easy drive
       We like this area as well, and its FREE, we like free. Probably be here for a few days just because we can. An I was able to post this blog sitting outside, 7 pm and still 60F with no wind. Now time to head in side, my fingers getting shilly.
       Thanks for joining us in our desert wanderings just the way we love to travel.  And hope y'all did not get stuck in the sand or snow wherever you are.

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Where have we been this winter ?